Colby’s People and Projects are Making Local Impact

“The student experience in the civic engagement program is really focused on a set of broad and challenging questions. What is our civic duty in the 21st century? How can we respond to complex community challenges? What is my role and responsibility in this community? And how are we committed to each other and committed to the communities that we want to live in?” – Lawry Director of Civic Engagement and Community Partnerships Elizabeth Jabar

Downtown stands to become a destination for collaboration and innovation, one in which Colby and civic engagement will be an inseparable part of the student experience. And it’s all happening before us in real time. From the students living in the Bill & Joan Alfond Main Street Commons dedicated to working with local organizations to the O’Hanian-Szostak Fellows for Civic Leadership leading their own civic projects, fostering the next generation of civic leaders starts in the classroom and extends into the community. Hear firsthand from local partners who speak about the impact of the students’ efforts and the invaluable connection between Colby and Waterville, and watch the event recap of the True North event Transforming Colby and Central Maine to hear more from Jabar and Vice President of Planning Brian Clark on the growing downtown partnership.