Pay it Northward: The Final Mile

Class of 2020 graduates entered a job market profoundly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Hiring freezes, withdrawal of jobs and fellowships—all at a time when the world needs their talents most. Such unprecedented times called for unprecedented actions. So Colby launched Pay It Northward—a strategic campaign—to secure post-graduate opportunities for every member of the Class of 2020. The response to the effort has been inspiring, with more than 650 alumni, parents, and friends of Colby stepping up to provide jobs, internships, and advice. Now, approximately 50 members of the Class of 2020 still need our assistance (roughly 10 percent of Colby’s 2020 grads).

DavisConnects is now asking the entire Colby community to consider a more personal approach to the Pay It Northward initiative. For two months, you’ll leverage your own unique pathway by working closely with one to two students—including an initial download conversation about their goals, regular check-ins to offer guidance and discuss progress, and the opening of your own professional network to assist them in finding a full time employment opportunity. These young alumni will not only benefit greatly from your expertise and guidance as they continue to navigate in these uncertain times, but you’ll form a lifelong connection with the newest members of the alumni community.

If interested in joining the next phase of the Pay It Northward effort, please review the professional profiles of the participating graduates to see if any of their desired pathways match your background. From there, email DavisConnects Associate Director of Global Experiences Scott Lamer to discuss next steps. With the finish line in sight, your support could be the difference that helps Colby achieve its goal of finding postgraduate success for the entire Class of 2020.