Planned Giving Provides Opportunities for Future Generations to Discover Passion for Research 

“When I applied to Colby,” said Ambrose Cheung ’76, a native of Hong Kong, “I don’t think I even knew where Maine was.” The College welcomed him with a full scholarship and prepared him for a fulfilling career in biomedical research. “Colby started me on that journey.” Today Cheung is a professor of microbiology and immunology at Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College. Working in a Colby lab as a student helped Cheung discover a love of scientific research, and he is excited to give future Colby students the same opportunity he had by supporting student research through a planned gift to Colby. “Research can open a student’s eyes to all kinds of opportunities,” he said. “And with the right kind of support, they can really blossom.” 

Cheung was delighted to find a gift arrangement that would help him meet his own goals for the future while creating life-changing experiences for Colby students. Cheung’s gift is blended with a charitable gift annuity that will provide retirement income to him and his wife, Yvonne, as well as several qualified charitable distributions through his retirement account. These gifts will create the Ambrose and Yvonne Cheung Student Research and Internship Fund in DavisConnects. In making this generous planned gift, Cheung is a member of the Colby Legacy Society. 

Income from their gift annuity will help the Cheungs enjoy many of the activities they are looking forward to in retirement such as hiking, biking, traveling, and visiting their adult children. Cheung adds that his support for Colby—and innovative learning opportunities in the sciences—is far from finished. “This is the first chapter, and I think it’s a good start.”